The descent of decency

... people who inflict their will on others

Exercise tolerance and eventually good will win over

Why must we tolerate bullies?

We shouldn't have to - No one should have to tolerate unprovoked and unwanted harassment and bullying.

When I was at school I was bullied by a boy, a boxer, who was small but powerful, lacking intellectually but good with his fists.

A nine year old with anxiety was an easy target. From day one at my new school, he punched and kicked me, spat at me, harassed me and made my life a living hell. I cried myself to sleep at night, ran away from class and hid in the phone cubicle, I had panic attack after panic attack and developed horrendous agoraphobia, monophobia, OCD and eating disorders... to name a few of the manifestations.

He enjoyed the power he had over me. He smirked and laughed at me and punishments meant nothing... he was a serial perpetrator, an evil, foul mouthed, power hungry fool who believed that his boxing prowess made him invincible.

What is he now? The inheritor of his grandad's money and he's a full time nothing.

Why are people like that? OK, I am not perfect but I wake each day with great intentions. I never go out to hurt people, in fact, quite the opposite. I don't know how these people sleep at night. Are they SO delusional that they believe they are right?

Someone who says that by turning people against us they are saving them, but in doing so seriously upsets the person, pushing them in one case to go to hospital in an ambulance and in another case to take an overdose... what kind of people would do that? Sick people.

I don't care what people say to me but what I truly care about is other people reflecting their own issues onto others. I care when people effect other people's freedom of choice, freedom of movement or their right to be left alone.
An example of the idiotic people we have to deal with

We currently have a small group of people headed by a 'professional' from psychology who have an issue with us curing anxiety... why? a) they can't b) they can't make money from recovery because they can't produce it c) They want to charge patients repeatedly d) They can't admit that what they do doesn't work... there are so many reasons.

These people recruit others to harass us... they create false information and unleash their hounds on us.

What they don't know, but will soon discover, is that every post, comment and word they have said has been logged and forwarded to our barristers... amounting to:

1. Over 400 highly defamatory accusations - they only needed to have posted one to have a case against them.
2. Over 900 harassing communications - over 200 times the necessary communications to have a case against them.
3. Cyber-stalking with 1200% more evidence than is necessary to have a case against them.
4. Breaches of the harassment act for cyber-bullying.

In effect, they are responsible for all four of the above and for damages as a result of their actions.

Why will they be made to pay for their actions?

Because they contact clients, old people, children, our friends, celebrity clients and many others making these highly damaging comments and I WILL NOT tolerate them hurting other people for their own selfish, vile sociopathic satisfaction.

We have people of all ages call and email us crying because they have been contacted by these people... how do they sleep at night?

Whether they 'like' me or not is irrelevant.

Whether they believe in what we do is irrelevant.

What they think of me, my wife, my staff or our business is irrelevant.

What is HIGHLY relevant is that they are preventing people's freedom of choice, they are upsetting vulnerable people, they are exercising their own agenda based on selfish hatred and anger and they should be thoroughly and unreservedly ashamed of themselves.

They make false accusations, they call us vile names, they swear and they intimidate. They threaten, they speak like gutter-snipes and they spread malice. They are sub-intellectual, foul-mouthed cowards.

The case

The case is huge and will be executed in 4 parts by our barristers and solicitors in Manchester... a firm in the top three in the UK, specialising in civil litigation.

They have a choice but have, so far, chosen to ignore it.

1. Sign an agreement to prevent being sued.
2. Be sued for harassment, then defamation of character.

The second option will cost them at least £30,000 in legal costs. We have been assured by three barristers and six solicitors that our chance of success in each action is excellent and that damages paid for defamation will cover all losses and legal fees plus damages for distress over 12 years.

When they chose to break the law, they gambled with the prospect of litigation; they were asked politely to refrain, two were party to police harassment visits and warnings. THEY chose to continue, they chose to upset many people, they chose to continue breaking the law despite all requests, advise and warnings over years. THEY, therefore, must bare the consequences.

We have put in place safeguards to ensure the safety of my family and others concerned as we have received physical threats - safeguards are in place for actions should anyone come to any harm or be unavailable for the legal action to take place. Under any circumstances, these people will be dealt with by the law and by provisions we have put in place to carry out action within the law.