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simple programs of recovery with unlimited accredited support

Recovery programs for people of all ages.

GAD - Panic Disorder - OCD - Agoraphobia - PTSD - Self Harming - Eating Disorders - Health Anxiety - Low Mood - Inappropriate Thoughts - Etc.

Home Recovery Programs For All Ages

Devised by an ex sufferer over 20 years ago - 100% Recovery success rate in trials and practice
How would it be if you could access support, reassurance and guidance at any time... day or night? How would it be to switch off your anxiety centrally and know that you will never suffer again?

LAR Therapy, the process behind The Linden Method Home Access Program, is the world's only accredited, dedicated anxiety disorder recovery therapy. For people of all ages, TLM was devised to give sufferers what THEY need in order to recover, when THEY need it, instead of when the next therapy session comes around. Evidence Based Practice - The true test of any process is when real people provide feedback about how they feel... we have tens of thousands of such case studies from normal people from around the world.

TLM provides more to sufferers than any other anxiety treatment option, it includes unlimited support and gives clients the opportunity to feel supported, reassured and confident of rapid and lifelong relief.
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immersion in recovery with people just like you - enlightening

Residential recovery programs led by our team of psychologists and counselling psychotherapists in an 'environment for recovery'

Four Day Residential Retreat with Ongoing Support

Immersion in an environment for recovery like no other.
This unique experience provides anxiety disorder sufferers with a home-from-home experience in which they feel nurtured, cared for and guided in every way.

The venue is just so beautiful and comfortable but more than that, the experience it presents in the form of the Anxiety Recovery Retreat is second to none.

Since 2008, The Retreats have hosted people from all over the world, celebrities, music stars and politicians all looking for the same outcome... total recovery.

Is it expensive? No. Whilst some people may find it unaffordable, it is actually the least expensive residential mental healthcare available. Support continues after the Retreat ends but most attendees report life-changing experiences and even return to the Retreat repeatedly in order to tell new clients their stories.

We love being at the Retreats; it's like a warm hug and the team always get excited as a Retreat week approaches.

Call Jo Goodchild for more information on +44(0)1562 732078 or email her at
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immersion in recovery for parents and children

Childhood anxiety recovery is actually very simple when the child and parents know what to do to erase the disorders

Recovery workshops at West Midlands Safari Park

Immersion in an environment for recovery like no other.
Our childhood Anxiety Recovery Events include total immersion in the recovery process, coaching for parents and children and ongoing support and guidance after the event.

We will teach you EXACTLY what to do to lead your child to fast recovery.

The venue has been chosen for its wonderful facilities, relaxing atmosphere and incredible educational centre.

Call Jo Goodchild for more information on +44(0)1562 732078 or email her at
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Miranda Hart is a director of the Childhood Recovery Programmes

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recovery from stress, anxiety & depression for all organizations

Providing organizations with immediate access, mobile enabled, recovery resources and support for all of their employees wherever they are. 

Recovery Courses for all Organizations

Statistically, 10% of your team are at ZERO productivity.
This statistic puts in to perspective the problem faced globally by businesses, but also highlights the horrendous impact of anxiety related conditions on society.

Approximately 30% of all people will suffer from an anxiety disorder.

The cost of mental health issues to UK businesses is estimated to be upto £70 billion per annum, but it’s easy to ‘sweep this under the carpet’ as a ‘necessary evil’ because experience tells you that few people recover; but actually, the real cost is closer to you and more impactful than you might think. Every person who has low to moderate stress, anxiety or other mental health issues in your organisation is working at a maximum of 30% of their capacity, meaning that approximately 10% of your employees might as well stay at home. This is 10% off your bottom line, not to mention a loss of 10% organisation-wide productivity.

BUT, here is the real clincher ALL of these conditions can, not only be prevented from ever developing, but also be simply and effectively erased in people of all ages using the most scientific, common sense, curatively effective, accessible and supportive programme and resources ever developed. Stress courses, counselling, resilience training, team building; none of these can or will remove mental distress. They cannot access the body’s emotional balance mechanism.
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recognition, prevention & recovery for schools, colleges & universities

Recognition of the predisposition to suffering, followed by lifelong prevention and fast access, supported recovery programs. 

Recognition, Prevention & Recovery


Our child clients are shown how their issues don't mean they are unwell, vulnerable or 'different' but how their condition is caused by a genetic marker that means they are better than good, greater than great and are predisposed to great achievements.

Utilising the true science of emotional disorders means, not only, producing fast and simple recovery, but also that from day one, every client fully understands how the emotions work, what the symptoms mean, why they manifest and why their appropriate function and experience are created. 

Clients go from vulnerable and desperate to empowered and excited in minutes. The moment they understand their disorder and what it means in the context of the intellectual capacity, everything changes for them.
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professional accreditation as an anxiety recovery practitioner

Professional accreditation at NCFE Level 4 as an LAR Anxiety Recovery Practitioner - Enabling practitioners to work with patients in any setting. 

Help us to save and change lives

Being part of The Linden family means joining a group of the most experienced and qualified Specialists in the world and becoming part of an organisation that creates true recovery when other therapies produce, at best, anxiety management.The Linden Method coaching programme will, for a small investment, provide everything a qualified LAR Coach will need to create their own LAR Coaching business or to integrate the programme structure into their current practice.

You will be operating within a tried and tested, established and successful business model under our code of conduct, whilst receiving ongoing business support and practical guidance from our team of Psychologists and Counsellors, administration support, all programme materials, and branded stationary etc.perfect.

The programme we have put together is both professional, curatively successful and rewarding for Coaches, both from a business and curative perspective.

LAR’s powerful anxiety recovery tools will integrate perfectly into your existing practice and will give you centralised support from a team who can assist you to bring seamless support, fast access tools and curative success to every client.

Your reputation from creating recovery and for creating wonderfully fulfilled ex sufferers will precede you.
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1 day anxiety disorder recovery workshops

Recovery Workshops with ongoing support and guidance leading to full recovery. 

Simple, fast guidance to 'kick start' your recovery

Charles Linden's Program Specialists will walk you through the steps of recovery as they have done many times before with tens of thousands of sufferers around the world.

Our Anxiety Workshop program works because it creates the changes made in the subconscious mind that have to be made in order to experience recovery. 

There is only one cause of anxiety conditions in humans and therefore, only one cure; and it's the exact same process that every recovered sufferer has had to follow... there is no other solution. All we do is show you how you can, in effect, 'short cut' that process. 

Over the last 19 years, we have shown well over 180,000 clients worldwide how to recover completely with permanent results; How to become anxiety free in days.

Call Jo Goodchild for more information on +44(0)1562 732078 or email her at
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