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FIRST OF ALL - "This page has received so many amazing comments from psychologists, psychotherapists and other practitioners who support us and refer clients to us daily. We base all of our work on years of experience helping thousands of people to find true recovery and it is the support of referring practitioners from around the world that drives us on to help people to use therapies that work. Thank you. " Charles

Before you read this page... decide whether you want to be anxiety free or just 'manage' it. Decide also whether you have used psychology, counselling or medications and feel recovered... or not! If you just want to stay as you are, please leave, if you want to recover, keep reading.

"If you have been having treatment for your anxiety issues already, you'll know that nothing has worked.

How do I know this?

Because that is the predominant experience of the hundreds of thousands of people we have helped.

But also... there's a reason nothing has worked YET... it's called science."

Are there really things that can make you feel worse?

Yes there are... and this page contains a list and explanations as to why they can negatively effect you.

PLEASE BARE IN MIND - This list isn't provided to undermine other 'practices'.

It is a warning from the only accredited anxiety disorder recovery and educational organisation and is based on over 200,000 case studies and thousands of hours experience, 20 years of practice and deep research and knowledge.

My philosophy has always been, 'if there's doubt, do and say nothing" but psychologists continue to practice their art despite not witnessing or producing recovery in the vast majority of their clients... so why carry on doing what doesn't work? Is it ignorance or greed?

I will explain all of this below.


Anxiety disorder treatments that have been created out of the necessity to provide a service and NOT from proven, effective science. In fact, proven science has been ignored because it confirms that the most utilized practices don't and can't work.

That's pretty embarrassing for psychology, but more than that, it is catastrophic for victims of those practices... people like me, who had 20 years or more of his life destroyed by misinformed, selfish and dangerous practitioners.

Since my recovery I have met tens of thousands like me who have endured horrendous journeys of malpractice and mistreatment.

Do I mean 'dangerous'... yes I do; knowing what I know now of the neurology, psychology and psycho-physiology of the disorders... understanding the TRUYE cause of all anxiety conditions, I would happily stand anywhere and tell these folks how massively misguided and selfish they are... and sometimes I do. Why? Because they infuriate me. We CURE sufferers because we know the science and we use it... they damage people... they prevent recovery, make money and try to destroy us for showing clients what they can't.

If someone holds a mirror up to you and you have no defence for the selfish actions you see reflected in that mirror... those who cannot defend through science and integrity choose to attack those holding the mirror... to discredit them. Examples of those people can be found further down this page.

Psychology talks of 'evidence based treatments', of which, CBT (Cognitive Behavioural Therapy) is supposed to be just one; but what is the evidence for its and other therapies' curative effectiveness? You can read more about CBT here

We all presume that 'evidence' means 'proof of effectiveness' but it doesn't, it actually means that they have found (or not looked for) no evidence of failure; but the reason they haven't found evidence for failure isn't because they've had success, it's because they only ask one question in a number of different ways...

The question is "After receiving treatment X, how many people came back for more?"

The truth is that most people don't come back for more because they either don't qualify for more or because the first treatment failed them.

The problem is this... not asking for (or taking) more is used as evidence for effectiveness.

In other words... if you don't want more... you are cured.

Another 'evidence source' is this: If , whilst being forced to wait 8-16 weeks to see a practitioner, the patient goes elsewhere or fails to turn up for the first appointment, OR, if they come for one appointmnet and decide it's making them feel worse... they are cured.

All psychological based practices are based on this type of statistic (and not on real evidence) provided by people stating "I am cured", which THEY say isn't evidence... according to them, it's hearsay.

This is how practices that have enormously helped people, sometimes over many hundreds or even thousands of years, are wiped out by medicine and psychology... selfish commerciality.

Just to recap... psychological practice evidence ISN'T people saying that they are long-term cured of their disorder, it is based on "if you don't come to the sessions it means you are cured".

What utter nonsense.

That's why what we do is so respected... we don't provide manipulated statistics, we provide happy faces and real people's stories.

The facts about these, so called, 'evidence based' therapies

These practices, like talking therapy, counselling, hypnotherapy, CBT, tapping, NLP, EFT, EMDR etc. have been developed...

a) to provide a service that is seen to be 'helping'.
b) to pay the people delivering the service.
c) to create profit.
d) to provide a learning basis for degrees and other qualifications.
e) to ensure that the business model associated with that service is sustainable.

Sustainable = don't cure everyone/anyone

This works well for healthcare providers though because incompetence=low results and as long as they can get patients to trust their word... they can, pretty much, perpetuate the business model ad infinitum.

Of course, anxious people are a perfect target because they all want reassurance and nurturing and many receive that, either through the NHS, through insurance or through private practice.

What sufferers actually NEED is a cure... a fast and simple solution... which is what we provide.

Just like the inherent trust people have for priests, humans are conditioned to trust 'medical people'.

In the 1800's, millions of women with post-natal depression died in mental health institutions... they trusted their doctors and yet they were misdiagnosed, mistreated and killed by ignorance. They received ECT and even cyanide and mercury based treatments. It killed them.

Millions of cases of medical negligence are fought each year... those people trusted their doctors. Doctors don't know everything but they also have to have people to 'treat'... why would they want to cure everyone? To kill their livelihood?

The question is this...
has anyone cured you yet?

OK, so why do you still trust them to do so?

Are you better or worse than you were when you first seeked help.

If you are taking medication but still feel unwell... why?

People stay in jobs, sufferers get 'served' and the machine works... until NOT curing people results in a massive increase in mental health issues that then increases the demand; a massive and overwhelming demand that those service providers cannot meet.

As we see now in healthcare, the 'business model' has 'bitten them in the behind'.

What worked when fewer suffered, no longer works and sufferers are being neglected, misdiagnosed and abused... all because 'curing people' didn't make financial sense previously.

Now there's a crisis because service providers can't handle the pressure they have put themselves under.

They perpetuated an epidemic... and now they can't handle the numbers.

Too many people have developed these disorders due to so many factors involved with human physical and social evolution.

Patients know they're not recovering, but there is always that hope that the 'professional' will 'pull the rabbit out of the hat'.

Humans don't seem to learn from experience when it comes to healthcare.

The reasons so many suffer from anxiety disorders are...

a) Incompetence
b) Commercial bias
c) Protection of reputation despite the two above
d) Straining healthcare resources due to poor recovery rates
e) Incorrect training and lack of real knowledge
f) Lack of experience as a sufferer or as the curer of sufferers

It certainly isn't because recovery isn't impossible, despite what they might tell you.

Ask the practitioners you now see for REAL evidence; testimonials, reviews and statements from patients they have cured.

I bet you won't get to see any... if you do, it might be a handful.

If you see some, calculate the percentage of people they see to those they have evidence of curing. Then look here

There is a cure... unfortunately, general healthcare neither knows how to create recovery, nor wishes to 'lose face' by admitting they are so catastrophically wrong... and they will do ANYTHING to prevent people finding out.

(If any psychologists reading this would like a live video debate with me on this subject... contact Jo Goodchild at and you can spend some time throwing jargon at me and we will see what happens. Just don't try and bamboozle me with psycho-babble... the proof of the pudding is always in the eating not the cost of the ingredients.)

So what CAN'T WORK and what prevents true recovery?

1. Any form of cognitive therapy based practice


It's simple. Emotional responses have NOTHING to do with conscious thought (cognition).

Neurologically you CANNOT change thoughts in order to influence emotional responses. Suggesting that it is possible is similar to saying that you can lose weight by telling your body to lose weight. It's utter nonsense.

Just going to the sessions and practising what you are told to do WILL reinforce your anxiety, phobias, obsessions and compulsions. The advice provided in this type of therapy is monumentally counter-productive and damaging to the recovery process. At best it will hold you in anxiety. At worst, it will increase your anxiety. Avoid any process that involves the word 'cognitive'... in fact, if you suffer from anxiety, avoid 'talking therapies' altogether.

2. Any form of 'talking therapy' or counselling

As stated above. The very last thing your mind needs is to talk about how you feel. The neurology created by doing so is based on "I am talking about it, therefore I must maintain it". Reassurance may feel 'nice' but it is massively counter-productive and will prevent or damage recovery. Avoid any therapy that is analytical or involves exercise like rating your anxiety or exposure therapy.

3. Hypnosis or hypnotherapy

Hypnosis cannot reach the neurology responsible for creating emotional responses and modify them to correct your anxiety disorder.

It is a physical impossibility. Believing that hypnosis can cure you is assuming the exact same incorrect science that would tell you that hypnosis can increase your height, improve your intellect or make a amputated limb regrow... it is scientific nonsense.

Hypnosis is, at best, a stage show... it cannot be taken seriously as a therapeutic device. Hypnotherapists are wasting your money and time. It may seem 'easy'... they may tell you it will work BUT please don't do it. We have helped tens of thousands of people who have had it and it has never cured an anxiety disorder.

4. Tapping or EFT

There is ZERO evidence that tapping works. The concept is complete and utter nonsense. Tapping to relieve anything at all is similar to suggesting that clapping can cure the flu. Any psychophysiologist or neurologist will tell you that tapping is as effective as whistling.

If it has any benefits they are, at best, as a placebo.

There is ZERO scientific data that this works and when you consider the process, it's actually laughable.

5. NLP - Neurolinguistic Programming

NLP has merits, but not in healthcare or recovery. The process is based on a way to manipulate language in order to produce higher level impact. In other words, it's a persuasion tool. It cannot change your autonomic nervous system's preset and fixed neurological responses. It can work well in business as a sales tool but other than that, it certainly won't cure an anxiety disorder.

6. Meditation or mindflulness

DANGER - Mindfulness and meditation has caused, worsened and perpetuated anxiety disorders since the day it became 'trendy'. Research shows that it can, in fact, CAUSE the development of mental illnesses and anxiety.

In our experience, the biggest problem in mental health recovery over recent years has been caused by mindfulness. Neurologically the LAST thing needed by anxiety sufferers is to become mindful.

Anxiety CAUSES negative mindfulness so adding more mindfulness can only lead to one thing... more anxiety! It's like practising being anxious.

6. Medication, alternative therapies and 'supplements'

Chemical imbalance is not responsible for the creation of anxiety disorders.

You cannot correct an anxiety disorder by taking ANY substance.

Neurologically, it would be akin to taking substances to cure happiness... it's a nonsense.

a) It cannot work neurologically.
b) It will only give rise to chemical disequilibrium which can bring on other 'symptoms'.
c) It will inhibit true recovery by protecting your mind from natural recovery.

It doesn't matter whether you take a vitamin, herb or strong pharmaceutical preparations... even herbal teas... they will not and can not cure your disorder and can, potentially, cause more issues than they can repair.

Many people have been told to take potassium, vitamin C, thyroxin and other substances... please don't UNLESS you have had blood tests and have medical evidence that you need to and ONLY DO SO under guidance from an endocrinologist or other suitably qualified medic... DO NOT DO SO if the person is a herbalist, dietician or other non-medic. Go to a hospital or see your GP and get referred for REAL tests.

Kinesiology, for example is NOT a test it is fake... do not use the diagnosis of a non-medical test. Home testing kits cannot be trusted.

DO NOT take any notice of someone who states that you may have Candida overgrowth. Get tested by a hospital laboratory.

DO NOT trust any who is not an endocrinologist that states you have ME, CFS, fibromyalgia, rheumatic patches, allergies, leaky gut for example.

7. Online or offline groups, charity resources, chat rooms & forums

Some of you will be screaming

"but Charles I feel so alone without it"
"the people are really nice and kind"
"I feel better when I use them"
"it makes me feel less alone"

... and I GET all that completely BUT, I deal in science and these are the facts...

a) as stated above, talking about and focusing on your anxiety is practising being anxious
b) these places breed anxiety because all that the members do is talk about how bad they feel
c) many are run by sufferers for sufferers... what can they possibly know about recovery?
d) many are set up to distribute false information in order to manage people and their conditions
e) the people in there, mostly, are misinformed, uneducated, misguided and anxious, do you really want to be led by other sufferers?

What do chat rooms, groups and charities want? MEMBERS. What do they NOT want? RECOVERY OF MEMBERS

What do you want? Fast, simple transformation - You want to stop your anxiety and get on with life!

Do you really want to belong to groups that sit around discussing the very thing you want to escape from? No of course not.

Here's a statistic for you...

...we joined an online forum for sufferers in 2005... in 2015 we returned to find that 90% of the same group of people we identified were members and still talking about how ill they feel.

The forum had 21,000 members.

Statistically, if that same group of people had started one of our programmes back then, they would have ALL been anxiety free within 3 weeks.

When fast and permanent recovery is so simple and so possible, why perpetuate suffering by wallowing with other sufferers in self-pity, a negative environment, a place where you only feel safe because everyone else is like you, not because you actually feel safe in reality.

Anyone who states 'well I am nearly cured, so I can help you' is delusional. It's like saying "I nearly have a cold".

You can't be 'nearly cured' of a systemic condition... you either ARE cured or you are not.

Because recovery is so fast, when you know how, anyone who claims they are nearly cured, both isn't, nor do they know how to... clearly, if they did, they'd be cured! It's just common sense.

Here's a real life example (from millions) of true ignorance (or deceit)

Today I read something on one 'official' website that provides services for OCD - I won't say which one because they don't respond well to people correcting or criticising them, in fact, they threaten you if you dare offer recovery!

It stated... "OCD causes anxiety. Often, OCD causes the patient to feel anxious."

What 'facts' did you gain from that nugget of nonsense?

I suspect that you learned that a person who experiences OCD (which THEY say is a chronic mental health ILLNESS) can also experience anxiety...

OK... here's the science... verified neurological science.... (that these organisations CHOOSE to ignore or lie about)


So, everyone who has read their misguided nonsense THINKS they are mentally ill, thinks they get anxious because they are mentally ill and believes that there is no cure... because that is exactly what that website tells them. The website has qualified psychologists working with it and claims to be 'official'.


How these people sleep at night is beyond me... it can only be that they are making money from suffering... what other justification can it be? Ignorance? Is anyone THAT stupid? From the drivel posted, it seems that they are ignorant.... or are they?

If you saw the lifestyle their 'organisation' affords the people who run it... perhaps they aren't so giving after all... or stupid! Perhaps perpetuating suffering serves a purpose. You see, perpetuating the lies keeps people anxious and if those lies are backed up by selfish scientists spreading selfish, misguided science on purpose... the business model works. People like us, who actually cure people, are holding a mirror up to their ignorance and/or deceit... and they don't want that.

It's so simple!

OCD is a symptom of a FEAR disorder... without anxiety, you CANNOT suffer with OCD (panic, phobias, obsessions, eating disorders, self-harming etc).

Can they be CURED? YES, absolutely... 100%.

Are these mental illnesses? No, of course not, there's no illness involved.

By spreading nonsense, those organisations maintain their memberships. They maintain businesses. They serve their own egos. They DO NOT promote recovery. Why? Because doing so, as I said earlier, would ruin their business models.

Like I said, these organisations are run by people who still suffer; claiming that they are 'nearly cured' demonstrates the catastrophic lack of knowledge these people have.

You can't be nearly cured any more than you can be nearly fit or nearly diabetic... you either are or you're not. If someone isn't anxiety disorder free it's because they don't know how to be, not because they are 'working on it'.

Don't be led by the blind, be led by the recovered - only they know the fastest and most effective pathway to recovery.

The facts...

Psychology and medicine have been developed as businesses, carefully balancing the books to create profit from helping people just enough to keep them alive and on the hook, but not quite enough to cure them.

Michelin will never sell a tyre that doesn't wear.

Without this commercially biased practice model, health services wouldn't exist. It's nice to believe that everyone works for free, but it's unrealistic to believe that.

ALL NHS staff get paid and not in proportion to their abilities. Ask any psychologist or counsellor how many anxiety sufferers they have CURED... then sit back and watch their faces as they squirm and manipulate their way out of the question. If they state that they have, indeed, cured someone... ask for their name a testimonial or referral from them.

That is NOT to say that all people within healthcare are conspiring against you; but businesses rely on demand, so creating demand is part of the process.

At a high level, services are provided and controlled by financial specialists, not clinical ones. This is why people who have the resources turn to private healthcare.

Sometimes it becomes unprofitable to provide services to 'high cost' people, so decisions are made around what investment health services are prepared to make in their patients' health.

Sufferers fall victim to ignorance and decisions based on economic factors and no profit, not health or recovery.

Many doctors call anxiety sufferers 'heart sink' patients. Why?

Because when they walk into their treatment rooms, the doctor's heart sinks.

Whilst some of them may wish to help their patients, they know that anything they can offer will probably fail. This is why so many people suffer... tens of millions. This isn't me talking, this is thousands of doctors, psychologists and nurses we have worked with, treated and had referrals from.

They also refer to anxious people as 'frequent flyers', which, in a very condescending way, refers to the fact that they visit the doctor massively more than they should and utilise medical resources far too much. They state openly that mental health services can't 'cope' but all they do is plough more money into what isn't working.

If a house is crumbling at its foundations, why would you keep repainting it over and over again at great expense?

They don't provide what sufferers want or need

But what they miss is the fact that anxious people don't want to go to their doctor time after time... they want to go ONCE and be cured.

because doctors can't cure them; they have to accept that, as people in a position of medical authority, they will be visited time after time by anxious people desperate for a solution... the last thing the doctor wants to admit to is incompetence.

A doctor or psychologist might say that a patient is incurable to disguise their incompetence. They may state that anxiety disorders cannot be cured because anxiety is a natural and expected emotion, however, whatever their justification for failing to provide relief... it's wrong.

You can recover.

I was told today, for possibly a thousandth time, about a young lady who was just yesterday told by her new psychiatrist, that OCD is incurable and at best, she would be having at least one session of CBT a week for the rest of her life... is that scientific fact?

NO... it's a lie, a lie created due either to complete incompetence or to financial bias. Shame on that practitioner!

I have cured anxiety sufferers permanently and completely in under two hours.

How is that possible if recovery is said to be impossible?

So, what does work?

Can I cure every sufferer in two hours? Yes, IF they do exactly as I state and their neurology responds.

Does it always happen in two hours? No. It is all down to the client's neurology. I don't have total control over that. Some people take a little longer than others and this is mostly due to social conditioning, the sufferer's specific experiences with anxiety, their age and other factors, however, the mind and body will recover quickly if they receive the data they need in order to do so.

In essence, everyone is curable in seconds but recovery can happen effectively in less than a week.

NOT recovering using this process is like eating NOT curing hunger. It's impossible.

In fact, I say to clients... "do this and try NOT TO recover; it's impossible... if you do it, it can't fail. It's like me putting you on a treadmill for 60 minutes a day... you can't stop your body and mind becoming fitter."

So do you need to take medication? No. In fact, doing so often causes symptoms that the sufferer perceives as anxiety related. Medication cannot correct the neurology responsible for anxiety or any of the associated symptoms or conditions.

Can talking therapies like CBT or counselling cure anxiety? NO. In fact, talking therapies will either a) prevent recovery or b) increase your anxiety.
CBT is a scam and a waste of money': Popular talking therapy is not a long-term solution, says leading psychologist

Daily Mail - Nov 2014Leading psychologist, Oliver James, states that research shows it does not have a lasting benefit.

‘Extensive evidence’ shows that two years on, depressed or anxious people who had CBT were no more likely to have recovered than those who had no treatment, said Mr James.

He said: ‘As a treatment, rafts of studies have shown it to be ineffective in delivering long-term therapeutic benefits to patients with anxiety and depression.

Mr James says research shows CBT is no more effective than placebo in treating anxiety or depression. He says proponents have ‘mis-sold’ the treatment to policymakers and the public, who are wasting their time.

Some of our young clients tell the truth about recovery


why we will help you when others failed

You wont find evidence for real recovery like this elsewhere

But it's not about what I can do... it's only about YOU

The organization I founded over 20 years ago is the only psycho-educational facility in the world.

We are an accredited educational institution just like a school, college or university. The difference is, we train Recovery Practitioners to a professional level and we run home access, workshop and residential programs of recovery that have helped nearly 1/4 million people.

The team are all accredited anxiety recovery practitioners, psychologists, counsellors and psychologists.

The therapy we use is based on thousands of test cases, 20 years practice and research and 100% success rates. The therapy is called LAR Therapy and it is the only accredited, dedicated anxiety disorder recovery therapy in the world.

CBT, counselling, NLP, hypnotherapy... all shoe-horned into healthcare but NONE of them were developed for or can help you to overcome your disorder. You can try... feel free... but they will not cure you. Why? Because the science is 'off'. You might as well try to cure your anxiety using talcum powder or aspirin. It cannot and will not work.

So if you want to recover using the simplest, most understandable, common sense, scientific and effective therapy... you've found it!
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PS. To the nuts that attack us - The seriously obsessive, insane level of attention paid to us tells us that we are doing something very right! For 'professionals' to be dedicating so much time to us and our activities confirms that our views are accurate and supported; as reflected in the thousands of smiling faces we produce year after year. If you are anti-us, you are anti-recovery, anti-people, anti-good. You can do what you wish to attack us, undermine us and defame us (as you have done many times) but ultimately, you will pay for your hatred... you think you are very clever in your vileness, but there are many ways to skin a cat.