My work

What do i do with my days?

After 20 years, I now focus on developing new resources, refining our programmes, practices and media so that sufferers get the very best in guidance and support.

My wish is to rid the planet of FEAR disorders!

And, I'm getting there!

Science dictates that anxiety is curable... we just have to let your brain know that!

Why did I capitalise the word FEAR above?

It's simple... because anxiety is a disorder... NOT an emotion.

The emotion is fear... anxiety is inappropriate fear; a neurological state that can be corrected.

ANXIETY is NEVER acceptable... it serves no purpose and is NOT a natural emotional state despite what people may have told you.

Anxiety can be removed completely and the predisposition to suffering can be erased from your neurology... it's actually really simple.

I call anxiety disorders 'FEAR DISORDERS', Psychology choose to call them anxiety disorders.

Anxiety IS a disorder, so how can a disorder have a disorder? That's psychology for you!

Since my recovery in 1997 and the subsequent development of LAR Therapy, The Linden Method home access therapy, the Anxiety Recovery Retreats and Emotivate Health & Wellbeing, we have helped millions of people to understand their symptoms, thoughts and conditions and have created recovery in clients with 100% efficacy. Recovery.

My work is 7 days a week, 14 hours a day and I dedicate my time in that quantity because what we do is the most effective anxiety therapy available and is, in fact, the ONLY anxiety recovery therapy available. Others are used, but none were developed for anxiety disorders and none are recovery practices... they are what I call 'sho-horned' therapies... used in the absence of the truth.

Myself and my team of highly qualified mental health professionals are here for YOU, so that you don't have to wake tomorrow feeling the same or worse... you can wake feeling excited, less anxious and knowing that your recovery will happen quickly.

I constantly develop new ways to reach sufferers and improve on the speed of recovery and the resources we provide in order to make it happen.

Below are some examples.

Best wishes.


Here are some of the amazing things the team and I have created

Books, CDs, DVDs, TV & Online Media

Author / Journalistic / Presenter Work

Books, CD, DVD's websites, magazines & newspapers

Since 1997, I have published over 2000 works in book, ebook, audio, video or app formats. I also right for magazines, newspapers and websites. I also produce media in audio and video formats under contract.

More info through Jo Goodchild or call her on +44(0)1562 732078


Childhood Anxiety Recovery Events

Recovery for kids in association with West Midlands Safari Park

Visit our Childhood Recovery website for more information about these amazing events.


Events & Webinars

I have presented and run thousands of live and pre-recorded events for clients

I run regular client live webinars, Q&A sessions and other events.

More info through Jo Goodchild or call her on +44(0)1562 732078

School & University Recovery Programs

Prevention & Recovery

The most wonderfully satisfying work, freeing young people of their disorders

Our mission is simple. To get to young people BEFORE they suffer in order to prevent activation of an anxiety disorder in those predisposed to suffering. We offer schools, college and university programs.

Television & Radio

Broadcast Media Work

TV presenter, co-host, facilitator and educator for TV and other media.

I have featured in and also presented many TV shows both in broadcast TV and online media. I am available for radio, journalistic or TV work.

More info through Jo Goodchild or call her on +44(0)1562 732078